Enjoying the work you do

Today the competition in the field of education and work has increased. Mainly at work, people are all competing on a daily basis. On a broader view if we look into this competition and analyse it, it can be observed that the competition is not really with others in the same field, but the competition is with ourselves. On a daily basis we are competing with ourselves. Majority of the people do not enjoy the work they do, they just do it for the sake. People are struggling to manage the time they have to work as well as to engage in activities they like. They have to manage family expenses and in addition they have to also manage daily expenses of transportation to go from place to place for example work to home and home to work and also the daily meals. Sometimes in the rush of leaving to work people just go without preparing food from home and then end up buying from a restaurant which again adds to the cost.


Managing life has become extremely tough and everyone is working hard and striving to cope with it. Usually a person finds his job unsatisfactory as it does not help them to enjoy, one of the key reasons to this is that they majority of the people are engaged in jobs that they do not like. They engage in jobs that they are not passionate about. This is not how it should be. Sometimes due to the limited positions available for a particular task it is hard to get the job you prefer but sometimes it is because people try to stick to the norm and through family pressure do not get a chance to pursue their career in their favourite area.

Doing what you love

One of the key ways to solve this is for parents is to identify their children’s interest at a very early stage. Once when the interest is identified, it is better to open space for them to learn and improve on this area along with the other essentials, so that they are in touch with both aspects. For example if a child is interested in a particular sport, the parents can send them for classes for example, badminton training singapore, so the child can excel in this field as well.

Making life happy

Whether it is sports, art, graphics, music, drama, writing, photography, whatever it is parents should encourage so that the children would be happy in their life and feel fulfilled. This would not only make them satisfied but it will also make them enjoy work more.


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