Necessary preparations when sending your kids to preschool:

Summertime is about to end in a few weeks and your kid is about to start attending his first preschool classes which will be quite surprising and can be quite overwhelming for him at the same time.  Before sending off your kid to a room that’s full of strangers we have to know what are the things that each parent should keep in mind in order to make the transition as smooth as possible for your tiny toddler.


1.)A few weeks before preschool officially starts start to create a familiar daily routine for your kid by waking up early and encouraging them to do their usual morning routine until you reach a point that they no longer whine and complain. Routine is very important since most kids are known to experience tantrums early in the morning making it quite challenging for the parents to wake them up, feed them breakfast, and dress them up for pre-school classes.

2.)Be patient about things. Kids have different ways of coping or adjusting to the situation. On the first few days of preschool it is common that kids may go through separation anxiety issues which can cause them to cry and feel upset. Do not just bring your kid to the daycare and leave as soon as possible because there is a big chance that your kid won’t go back on the next day. It’s better if you explain things to your kid and hang out for a few minutes each day till your kids feels comfortable being left alone. Some schools do not encourage parents staying or observing classes even on the first few days of school. But we have to remember that not all kids react of feel the same way about being left alone. Better raise this question before enrollment so you would know if you should push through or not.


3.)Choose schools that are willing to adjust to every type of situation. Scout for a couple of preschools in your area or you can check out child care centre in cbd singapore and see if their standards are meeting yours before deciding to enroll your toddler.

One of the things that you should consider as a parent are the staff or teachers of the preschool. They must friendly and approachable and willing to openly communicate with each parent about the  daily progress and opportunities of their kids. Choose a school that appreciates or recognizes your child’s small accompaniments and deals with opportunities in a constructive manner so your child won’t feel demotivated whenever he or she does something wrong.



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